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Welcome To Mecton Group

Mecton Group is headquartered in Qatar and having its operations in Dubai and India. Mumbai, Chennai, Vizag, Cochin & Trichy. Mecton Group proudly announces that it is the First Indian Captive Employer Overseas.

Focussing from Sourcing, Processing, Training, Recruitment and to Placement Overseas. The various processes have their separate protocols and systems cut out in specifics handled by their respective task force companies in India and Qatar. The process flow synchronise in tandem to achieve efficiency with perfection.

Mecton Group has their presence in contracting of services from Government, Corporates and business houses in the Middle East and UAE including Residential and Gated Communities.

The specialisation in the field of Plumbing, HVAC, Air Conditioning, Electrical,Welding,Ducting , Industrial Automation and hospitality forms the backbone for their service solutions in broadening their area of scope and client base year after year.

Mecton Group is one of the very few companies in India which equips in-house trade test facilities through its subsidiary MTTS to conduct trade tests for various categories such as; electrical engineers, instrument engineers, technicians, welders, plumbers and pipe fitters, etc

At Mecton, we are committed to support our culture of excellence and repute. We believe that excellence is all about quality deliverables of services to our clients.

Our Subsidiaries

  • Mecton Qatar W.L.L
  • Mecton Projects W.L.L
  • Mecton Resource consultants W.L.L
  • Mecton Electromechanical LLC
  • Mecton Training & Technical services Pvt. Ltd
  • Mecton Organic Farms Pvt. Ltd
  • Emirates Overseas Recruitment consultants Pvt.Ltd
  • T- Machine software solutions Pvt. Ltd

Mecton Group