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About Us

Mecton Al Laith is a part of CG Tech, an international technology services group originated from South Africa. CG Tech is into industrial, utilities energy, infrastructure, sports, music, art, culture, entertainment, advertising, media, warehousing, technology and innovation for more than 28 years across UK, US, Middle East and South Africa.

CG Tech is the holding company and operating 9 companies namely The Virtulab, Kumunyack, New Age Engineering, Al Laith, Prommac, Pangea, Serious International, EventCentre.IE and Mecton.

Mecton Al Laith provides scaffolding, painting, insulation, refractory, fire proofing, MEP Projects, Production, Rental and Sales of Modular Cabins & BRM (Blast Resistance Module), Shutdown projects, Temporary infrastructure for Event Management.

Prommac is into SMIEP more than 2 decades.

Comprehensive SPIR Solutions

Mecton Al Laith core operations, SPIR solutions, an acronym representing Scaffolding, Painting, Fireproofing, Insulation, and Refraction services. We are experts in an array of scaffolding types, including Independent Tower Scaffolding and Suspended/Cantilever Scaffolding, harnessing the versatility of Cuplock, Ringlock, and Tubular scaffolding systems. Furthermore, our service extends to a wide spectrum of painting techniques and fireproofing applications, spanning cementitious, intumescent, and fire stop fireproofing. We also take pride in our proficiency in thermal and acoustic insulation, complemented by a robust sandblasting capability.

Tailored Modular Cabins

Mecton Al Laith provides a wide range of project welfare solution, modular cabins, ablution unit, portacabin, site offices, workers mess hall and labor accommodation. The project welfare units are certified and approved by Oil & Gas Industry and specialize in supply of custom made solution for our clients. The welfare units are fire-rated compliance with Oil & Gas Industry and  safety standards.

MEP Works & Refurbishment

Mecton Al Laith MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) services encompass the installation of cutting-edge fire-fighting, electrical systems, and plumbing works. We install, maintain and refurbish these essential components, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of our client infrastructure.

HVAC Expertise & Services

Mecton Al Laith is expert in HVAC services, we offer comprehensive chiller maintenance services and expert in consultation for new installations of our clients. We are committed to optimizing energy with high performance and cost effective.