MECTON Group of companies were set up in 2005 with a vision to provide Integrated Services for the OIL, GAS, POWER, HOSPITALITY, MANUFACTURING, FACILITY MANAGEMENT, CONSTRUCTION and other INDUSTRY VERTICALS driven by the passion of the promoters involved in resources business for more than two decades. Our vision is to set up an organization providing “one stop solutions” for our clients under the Mecton platform, for their needs for resources by integrating services such as Recruitment, Contract Staffing, Training and other related Consulting services.

Syed Ibrahim – Chief Executive officer (CEO)

An Electronic Engineer by profession with strong entrepreneurial skills and business acumen, with a vast exposure to Manufacturing, Retail, Food Services, Contracting and Resourcing industries for more than two decades. As the key promoter and share holder of Mecton Group, Mr. Syed Ibrahim has been instrumental in the development process of the Group over the years with innovative management approach. Prior to setting up Mecton Group, Mr. Syed Ibrahim was successfully operating a HR Consultancy and recruitment organization with offices in India and UAE. Mecton Group was set up through an acquisition of the above business and diversified the activities, in short span of time. As a key member of the senior management, he is responsible for the operations of Mecton Group, its growth, profitability and overall business processes.

Mr. Syed Ibrahim is well exposed to multi cultural working environment and has the desired knowledge of local requirements and business processes in the Middle East and India. His vision is to create an organization providing quality services through people oriented, creative and strategic techniques, to cater to the global market. It is also Mr. Syed’s dream to create an organization to be the “stepping stone for career opportunities” for the talented resources from the Indian sub-continent, by providing employment in the domestic and overseas markets.