Mecton Group Company has extensive experience in delivering Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality to our staff and all the stakeholders take part in our activities. We implement strict and robust Health, Safety and Quality plans to ensure our staff is well trained and think safety first in all that they do. Mecton will work with the Client to identify the hazards that apply to our operation and develop the HSSE excellence and assurance process. We have used the HSSE matrix to guide the completion of the HSSE hazards and effects management. Our solution as set out in the HSSE Excellence provides for the delivery of the control measures and the recovery measures identified.

HSSE Policy

HSSE is an integral part of all our activities, and we do not accept that accidents happen – all accidents are preventable given the commitment and resources that we bring to HSSE. Reporting HSSE statistics is vital for us in order to evaluate our performance from year to year. We follow the Client’s methodology of reporting as well as our HSSE statistics which helps us guidance towards our performance against similar large and worldwide companies.

Safety is recognized at very senior levels and decisions are driven by safety needs, and not budgets. We require all our employees and sub-contractors to manage safety in line with our Health, Safety, and Environment Policy. This includes the commitment to do no harm to people and the requirement to apply an effective management system.

HSSE commitment and responsibility start at the top but filters down through our regional, country, and site levels. In the performance of our day-to-day activities, our line managers are obliged to and have the authority to initiate necessary actions in order to protect employees’ health and safety. It is also important that line managers coordinate their HSSE responsibilities with their on-site client counterparts.

Welfare of Employees

  • Suitable furnished accommodation shall be provided based on the category of the employees
  • Nutritionally sound ethnic food shall be provided for all the employees. For shift employees, arrangements shall be made to provide packed meals. The company shall provide housekeeping/cleaning / janitorial services to the accommodation rooms and their surroundings.
  • All the employees shall receive laundry services irrespective of their category of work/services. Necessary PPEs / Tools shall be provided to all the employees based on the nature of work they are engaged with.
  • Air-Conditioned transportation facilities shall be available for all the employees.

This will be achieved by following specific steps during due diligence and mobilization:

  • Thoroughly compare Oil and Gas HSSE management system to our HSSC policy.
  • Identify the gaps and review the documentation.
  • Submit the documents to Client Document Control and HSSE Department for the Document Review
  • Continue improvement and assured LOD audit.
  • Implement corrective actions based on Client audits.
  • Commit to Client standards in our Management systems as and when applicable.
  • Coordinate with Client HSE Representatives on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the procedures.
  • Participating in the joint Safety Campaigns to address the target issues.
  • Conduct periodical meetings between both parties.

Success in HSSE performance cannot be fully achieved unless the following objectives are met:

  • Management is committed to providing an incident-free work environment;
  • HSSE has developed and implemented proper procedures, administrative and engineering controls to minimize hazards and prevent incidents
  • The workforce fully understands and can demonstrate compliance to HSSE policies, standards, and procedures;
  • Refresher training and consistent awareness ensure that performance expectations and goals are continuously met.
  • We have developed an aggressive approach to help identify risks within the workplace, mitigate the hazard, and use methods so that the hazard is either eliminated or drastically minimized from the work activity. It is imperative that each worksite follow the risk management process to help identify, mitigate and correct any present or potential hazards/risks, and the results of each are disseminated to their immediate HSSE and operational management.